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Hillsborough School District

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International Case Studies

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  • Hillsborough School District


    12% Saving

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  • IBM


    23% Saving

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  • 7-Eleven


    12.9% Saving

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  • KFC


    30% Saving


SMART Energy Savings

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Operating on the principle that it is the responsibility of businesses worldwide to cut their energy use, reduce their carbon footprint and fight global warming, we provide world-class energy solutions and technology to help companies become energy efficient. With SMART Energy Savings, passion and purpose come together.

Whatever your needs..

Here at SMART Energy Savings, we are fascinated by cutting-edge energy efficiency technologies. Meet the products…

  • Eniscope

    Cutting edge energy-saving tool that makes your energy visible. It assess' real-time data across multiple buildings or facilities to give you a view of your energy use like you've never seen before.

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  • ACES

    ACES has a capabilities to reduce your air-con fees by up to 35% giving you an investment return, within two years of installation.

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  • CUES

    Reduce the pressure on your cooling units, extend their lifetime and maintain temperatures without maintaining your high energy bills.

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    Imagine an escalator with one person on it and another with 100. Most traditional motors driving these escalators would work at the same energy consumption... Not with INTEGRA.

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  • Eluma

    Our environmentally friendly lighting hardware uses occupancy and daylight sensors. Eluma could save businesses across Dubai up to 85% on lighting fees.

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  • Atmos

    Atmos is the next step from Eluma. It has been heralded as one of the smartest and most advanced lighting controls on the market today.

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The world's most complete energy management solution

It’s our job to make your energy visible, controllable and easily manageable across an array of industries.

  • Manufacturing

  • Kitchens |

  • Hospitality

  • Offices

  • Facility Management

  • Heavy Industry

  • Convenience Stores

  • Education Facilities

Our technology can transform your energy performance

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Who we are...

SMART Energy Savings are a Swiss managed company, based in Dubai. We are provider of energy saving and monitoring consulting services and cutting edge technology. Our unique skills and products harness the power of Big Data, AI and IoT to give our clients more control over their building portfolios to maximise asset value.

We work with a complete array of business throughout Dubai from soap factories to bakeries to heavy industry steel factories. We show business’ how to create better energy consumption profiles in the facilities they manage, no matter what the vertical . We are interested in saving energy, reducing spend and increasing control.

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This is why you may need us:

  1. Increasing Reduction Targets

    You’re under growing pressure to hit top-down energy reduction targets.

  2. Inefficient Building Maintenance

    You must take back control of inefficient building maintenance schedules.

  3. Accurate Tenant Billing

    You want to correctly bill your tenants to stop disputes and unfairness.

  4. Poor Data Visibility

    You don’t have enough energy data and what you have is difficult to measure.

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ISO 50001 Energy Management

On top of offering the hardware and software our clients need to monitor and manage their facilities’ energy use, we also provide expert energy management consultancy.

We help our  clients to see the saving opportunities our unique data sets uncover. And for every new client, we follow a uniform set of standards (SMARRT):

  • 1.


    Quick on-site analysis using our exclusive mobile app.

  • 2.


    Pin-point energy usage (and wastage) tracking with Eniscope.

  • 3.


    Real-time trend measuring in the cloud, via our software platform.

  • 4.


    Saving opportunity analysis alongside retrofit technologies.

  • 5.


    Detailed reporting and granular analysis to make decision-making easier.

  • 6.


    Demonstrating success and target setting. The keys to sustained performance.

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laptop energy management in the UAE

Want to learn more about SMARRT?

Head to the SMARRT page right here

Energy Monitoring & Saving With 7-Eleven

Our number one product – the Eniscope energy management system – is at the core of a nationwide project of energy monitoring and reduction for global convenience store giants 7-Eleven in Denmark, Europe.

This project is being managed by fellow Max-Migold Limited partner and energy consultancy IQ Energy. The project covers more than 120 stores across Denmark and provides an excellent example of the capability of our technologies to handle large roll-outs and multi-site project requirements.

7-Eleven are well placed to benefit from the variety of impacts the Eniscope and supporting consultancy provides:

  • 2,700,000 kWh Saved
  • 864 Tonnes CO2 Saved
  • 11.52% Average Savings Via Low-Cost / No-Cost Solutions
  • CSR Reporting System
  • Substantial PR Benefits

The project has been so successful that Eniscope has been recommended internally to the other countries in the region. Proof of Concepts (PoC) are underway in Norway and Sweden at the time of writing.

Interested in exploring Eniscope?

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If you want to start the conversation about how we could stop energy costs eroding your profits – and how we could help your business manage energy use effectively – then get in touch with any questions you have over the phone, via email or with our quick form.

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