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ACES 2 – Air Conditioning Energy Saving

Lower your energy costs
with clever air con

If you own a business or other facility that uses air-con, then lessening their energy use should be your top priority. Especially as, in hot countries like Dubai, air conditioning can account for up to 50% of your energy bill. There is a solution – and that is ACES 2.

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    Superior Energy Savings

    ACES 2 could easily save you up to 35% on your air-con fees, giving you an investment return within two years, as well as noise control enhancements.

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    Less Maintenance

    ACES 2 works by ensuring that components inside your air-con only work when necessary, extending your product's life and reducing maintenance fees.

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    Easy Installation

    ACES 2 is small and easy to install, remaining safe throughout its life-cycle. Once the unit is fitted, you won't need to update or monitor it again.

Addressing the global problem of inefficient air-con

Ensuring you just use the right amount of energy for a comfortable room temperature, ACES 2 is the solution to your energy efficiency and utility budgeting needs.

The Problem With Air-Con

There is a major, ingrained issue with traditional air conditioning units. Air-con systems are designed to lower interior temperatures by emitting force-cooled air. However, the way they do this is not sustainable.

Usually, air-con technology is turned off by a thermostat or simple programmer. The compressor and fan will spin until the correct temperature set by the thermostat is achieved. This means the compressor is running unnecessarily throughout this time, using an excessive amount of energy.

On top of this, compressors are often too big for what they are designed to do – create cool air – and so an unfortunate problem called ‘thermodynamic saturation’ that causes them to run far past the point of being beneficial to the unit…

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The ACES 2 Solution

So why is ACES 2 different? Instead of running on full power all the time, ACES 2 efficiently solves the issue of thermodynamic saturation (TS) by managing a system’s output.

Using intelligently-developed control algorithms that cleverly sense the room temperature, ACES 2 units analyse the exact point where the TS is reached. At this point, it will switch the compressor off.

And the smart part of this approach is that the fan is unaffected – it keeps running, using up the cooling capacity leftover inside the compressor coils. And, importantly, as the fan uses a very little amount of energy, it only draws a finite amount of energy. This, in turn, hardly affects the energy use of your air con unit.

However, if the compressor is needed again later to cool the air – because the room has warmed-up – ACES 2 just turns it back on. All of this occurs automatically so that your air-con performs at its best, but is only consuming energy when needed.

Starting this conversation with SMART Energy Savings could lead to reducing your energy use by a huge 35%.

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How ACES 2 Influences

ACES 2 has a massive impact on the cost of your energy (the graph to the right demonstrates how ACES 2 does this).

As the graph shows, fitting ACES 2 into your air-con unit regulates the amount of cold air expelled into the room. But, despite this, ACES 2 never rises above the temperature pre-set on the thermostat or programmer as the system switches the compressor on and off as required.

This solution means there is a lot of time when the air-con stays active, but – crucially – does not draw unnecessary amounts of energy from your supplier.

ACES 2 technology does cleverly transform any business’ energy use profile.

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How the numbers add up when you fit this Air Conditioning Energy Saving unit

You want to know how fitting ACES 2 can save your business money, energy and time – so here’s what you can expect after installing this innovative product.

  • Energy Savings

    Significant cost savings

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    2 Year Payback Period

    Rapid, cost-effective ROI in just two years

  • 10-Year Survival

    Very little maintenance requirement after installment

These benefits are on offer too

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