Industrial Energy Saving

Complete energy saving for industrial applications

Observe, measure and interpret your energy use across an unlimited number of sites then act to reduce it with behaviour modification and two effective, proven technologies in LED lighting and motor control.

Step 1: Energy Monitoring & Behaviour Modification

Firstly, to ensure any energy management project succeeds, you must fit real-time energy monitoring equipment that shows your consumption.

With SMART Energy Savings product ‘Eniscope’, you can have a site anywhere in the UAE up, running and monitoring within three hours – and by using an entirely safe, non-disruptive installation process.

When our product is installed, you can analyze your energy use by yourself or with the help of one of our expert global partners. And, on top of this, you’re welcome to use our bespoke, sleek public displays to help alter the behaviour of your biggest energy leakage area on site – your staff!

Explore Energy Management
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    Millisecond by millisecond energy use data

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    Analyze capital project energy savings

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    Identify energy leaks and energy saving opportunities

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    Easily integrate with your CAFM or BMS via our API

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    An indefinitely scalable solution. One dashboard, multiple sites.

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    Involve your staff as part of the answer, with sleek public displays

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  • real time fault detection - mobile interface
  • control and temperature sensors

Step 2: Retrofit Technologies

Next, we offer innovative retrofit solutions to reduce your energy spend in key areas.



Retrofit Technologies

Intelligent LED Lighting

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Up to 85% Energy Savings

Lighting accounts for 50% or more of your company’s energy use. It’s a huge part of your energy bill, but it’s also one of the most inefficient – with a extensive amount of energy used (up to 90%) lost as heat.

Our LED lighting system – Eluma – combines world-class LED technology with unique heat dissipating casing, daylight harvesting and occupancy sensing for the market’s best energy saving industrial lighting.

And the best part? It all happens automatically.


Up to 40% Energy Savings

AC induction motors are usually inefficient, over-sized and wasteful and they account for almost 65% of all energy used in industry.

Integra cleverly modulates a motor’s work strain depending on the load it’s experiencing. And, whilst regulating the exact same performance, your motor ‘re-sizes’ every fraction of a second to be just powerful enough for the application.

Think of an escalator – does it need to use the same energy to carry 1 person, as 100?


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Retrofit Technologies

Intelligent Motor Control

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