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Intelligent cruise-control for
industrial motors

65% of all energy used in industry is consumed by motors. This energy is likely driving up your company’s carbon footprint and your energy bills. More importantly, most of that energy is unnecessary as well. With SMART Energy Savings smart motors, you could save up to 40%.

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    Up to 40% Energy Savings

    Using INTEGRA in large-scale industrial operations, clients save from 20 to 40% on energy costs, as the motor acts as its own smart load sensor.

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    Motors on Cruise Control

    INTEGRA acts as a ‘cruise control’ for motors in your machines! The same as how a car adjusts the power taken from the engine - to maintain an optimum speed. Download Brochure

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    Max Power in under 1/50th Second

    Only the right amount of necessary energy is used with INTEGRA, yet full power is still drawn instantly when it's needed. Performance will never be hampered, no matter how heavy the load.

Get a grip of your fixed-speed motors

The loads put on any fixed-speed motor will vary dramatically depending on the requirements on the machine. So why doesn’t the energy usage change with it? Well, with INTEGRA, it does.

Intellgient Motor Control

So what is INTEGRA? Well, it’s certainly not just a singular device – Integra is an integrated approach to motor control. It’s made up of a clever range of devices all designed to work together to enhance different areas of industrial machinery. These intelligent controls work with fixed-speed motors of all sizes and applications. They also boast an extensive selection of specialised application presets and custom control adjustments.

How does INTEGRA work?

Integra offers an all-encompassing answers to the problem of inefficient motors. The electronic device automatically re-sizes the motor’s energy use to its output application and load cycle. It does this every 60 milliseconds to regulate the optimum energy use every second of the day.

The motor RPM is maintained continuously with no maintenance required, even when the machine loads differ from zero to 100%. This is the ideal solution to maximising the efficiency of fixed-speed applications, so you only use the energy you need (and only spend the money that’s necessary!). Integra can even be set to switch off the motor when no load is detected.

The system improves your energy efficiency, saves on energy costs, elongates motor life, and reduces maintenance costs. Notably, clients who install Integra usually see a return on investment within two years, and sometimes in just a few months.

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    Automatic motor 'resizing' with no human input

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    Up to 40% savings on energy usage and cost

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    Reduced KVA KW & KVAR and increased PF

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    Increased contractor life & drive train components

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    Attach more equipment to a single supply

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    Improved power factor at all load cycles

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    Prevents dips in supply on start-up

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The Issue with Motors

Whereas motors are used in almost every machine in industry, they don’t always do their jobs perfectly. Inefficient energy consumption equals expensive production and product costs. This is especially true for AC induction motors – these could make up to 65% of your company’s energy costs.

About 10% of motors operate in applications using variable speeds, whereas the vast majority work at a fixed speed. This means that installing a variable speed drive into a fixed speed application is not a sustainable solution. In fact, research shows this method can increase a machine’s running cost by 6-8%.

The load put on your company’s motors fluctuates considerably in a work cycle, from 0 to 100%. Yet, conversely, the motor has no method of altering the level of power used in relation to the amount of work required. So, even if your machine has a small load, it is more than likely to be using as much energy as if it were running at full capacity.

This is where Integra comes in….

The Integra Answer

Integra is a full motor control efficiency system solution that harnesses innovative technologies. Using smart “soft-start” technology, smart load monitoring and controlled stopping in a single device, Integra transforms the energy efficiency of any motor.

Integra’s intelligent system is actually quite simple. Unlike other fixed-speed motors, Integra gives your motors the ability to adapt its output to suit the load…by the millisecond! Imagine an escalator with one person on it and another with 100. Most traditional motors driving these escalators would work at the same energy consumption. But with Integra, the escalator would use only the energy required to carry the necessary load.

Integra’s hardware is compact, simple to fit and competitively priced – it generates an average payback period of less than two years for your business.

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motor energy reduction uae

Make Your Motors Smart

Integra has the key

  • Percent

    Energy Cost Savings

    The average Integra client saves up to 40% on motor costs

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    Instant Full Power

    Integra can draw full power in a 50th of a second, without compromising performance on heavy loads

  • 6-9x

    Times Load Current

    Starting on-line directly can draw 6-9 times the full load current, but Integra prevents this

  • Percent

    Reduced Shock Load

    Significantly reduce shock load and peak demand penalties, with real benefits to maintenance

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