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News and case studies from SMART Energy Savings and other partners across the globe.

One more reason for a greener approach to energy

September 18, 2019Read More

As the political Governments hash out another feud over oil resources, there is a growing tide of businesses that look to question where their energy is coming from and how that energy is used....

MENA region gets ready to meet increase in demand for energy

September 16, 2019Read More

A recent report from the IEA puts emphasis on our growing population increasing their demand for energy. With the climate change crisis already having a big impact on the planet, more and more businesses will be looking for greener ways to address their energy use....

24th World Energy Congress in Abu Dhabi

September 16, 2019Read More

During that past week in September, Abu Dhabi hosted the 24th World Economic congress: the largest global network of energy leaders and practitioners. Read more on why this was one of the most integral years yet. ...

Watch how a fellow BEST partner saved 7-Eleven over 2.7 million kWh of energy…

February 09, 2019Read More

We are part of a global partner network with BEST, all sharing the same technology and approach to energy management. Here's a quick case study from a partner over in Denmark....

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